Not satisfied about your software development capability? 

Are you not satisfied about your software development, in your own team or about your supplier? Are your projects often late, over budget? Do you have insufficient control about requirements changes? Improvement Focus offers its customers solutions for problems with software development. With our solutions, we are focused on achieving business value out of software development to your customers, and we are sensitive to the context of your company.

We offer the experience you are looking for!  

Our employees have at least 15 years of experience in software development. Partly as developer, as projectmanager or line manager. Partly as consultant in improvement programmes or quality assurance. Based on our experience we quickly come to the root causes of problems.

We don't believe in pre-fabricated solutions, and we don't believe in top-down approaches. We have learned that the germ of the solution is always already present within the company itself. By listening carefully to weak signals given by your employees, we facilitate solution finding and implementation. Examples of solutions we have supported are: proess improvement, craftmanship nurturing, better cooperation between development team and customer, better process adoption, introduction of agile approaches like Scrum, introduction of CMMI, better analysis and control of customer requirements, better estimates, etc.

Some keywords to characterise our approach:

  • creative, pragmatic, not-bureaucratic, context sensitive 
  • attention for goal, people and situation 
  • whole systems thinking, no sub optimisation

Our logo symbolises our approach. We start with the current situation, the here and now. Where are we? What goes well, and why? What goes wrong, and why?

We listen to signals around us. You can't control the wind, but you can set the sails. You, as our customer, determine where you're headed; which customers to serve, which products to develop. Sometimes you can take a straight route, sometimes you have to tack, sometimes there are islands to sail by. We focus our attention to the crew aboard. We use their craftsmanship, or develop that where needed. We work on you internal organisation. Is the right man at the right place? Together we try to find the delicate balance between discipline and creativity.


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Volgorde van de backlog

De product backlog hoort geordend te zijn. Dingen die als eerste opgepakt moeten worden staan bovenaan, wat later mag komen staat onder.

In het algemeen wordt als advies gegeven dat de items op volgorde van waarde...

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Keine Nachrichten vorhanden.


Kaartspel voor Planning Poker en Delegation Poker

Spelen van zowel Planning Poker als Delegation Poker kan nu ook met een kaartspel van Improvement...

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Korte training Agile/Scrum

Improvement Focus biedt een ééndaagse cursus Agile en Scrum. U krijgt deze dag een overzicht van het Agile denken (

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