Improvement Focus enables software development organisations to unlock their potential, both now and in the future, to attain business goals using software process improvement techniques.
Although our mission statement mentions “software development organisations” we also take into consideration aspects interfacing with its client organisation, which poses requirements and sets goals, as well as its management organisation, which is responsible for the management of the developed software.

Every software development organisation has a great “potential” in the field of software development. This potential can be unlocked by using the right mix of processes, people, methods and tools. The actual unlocking this potential involves a transformation process, in which the current way of working is changed to better accommodate the goals of the organisation, partly by clearing away existing obstacles.

The terms “now and in the future” denote the reproducible aspect of software development and the institutionalisation of implemented improvements in the software development organisation. Responding to changes in an organisation’s business goals, both short-term and long-term, creates a field of tension between robustness and flexibility.

The focus on “business goals” indicates that software needs to be developed to support the realisation of business and/or product goals. This context is important for an accurate definition of software development process and the policies within which employees perform their tasks.


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Volgorde van de backlog

De product backlog hoort geordend te zijn. Dingen die als eerste opgepakt moeten worden staan bovenaan, wat later mag komen staat onder.

In het algemeen wordt als advies gegeven dat de items op volgorde van waarde...

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No news available yet.


Basis training Agile en Scrum

Agile Manifesto

Agile software ontwikkeling wordt veel besproken op dit moment. Weer een hype in software land? Agile belooft wel...

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Coachen van Product Owners

De rol van Product Owner is de belangrijkste en moeilijkste in Scrum. Vanuit mijn ervaring met Scrum projecten bij...

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